I have been training with Warren Scott from Fitness Bound since early 2008 and have become a firm believer in the structure, routine and of course motivation that 1-on-1 personal training provides. When I first started to train, I could barely do a push-up and my cardio was very weak. However, Warren created a fitness program that not only met my hectic personal/work schedule, but also addressed my key concerns and goals and set me on the path to physical fitness. Warren also emphasized the importance of proper training technique in order to maximize results and help reduce the chances of injury.  My personal training did not end at the gym; Warren also helped me create a nutrition plan that was instrumental in helping me achieve my desired results and understand the importance of diet in my personal fitness regime. For anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness but thinks they are “too busy” to get to the gym, I highly recommend getting in touch with Fitness Bound – you have nothing to lose!

Jay Patel            

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